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Totally Devoted Blog Tour! (+$10 GC Giveaway!)

Title: Totally Devoted Blog Tour
Author: EM Bannock
Series: N/A
Pages: 312
Date Published: 2018
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Kindle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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Ten years after the death of her husband and young son, Marie Trousdale decides to move
from Los Angeles, California to a small rural Oregon town and hires Wil Townsend, a
local contractor, to build her dream home on property she inherited from her deceased husband.

Although they couldn’t be more different in every way possible the two fall in love. Things get complicated when Marie changes occupations. When she is put in danger, Wil must decide if his love is stronger than the differences that separate him from Marie.

~Guest Post~
Welcome all and thank you Andra for having me on your blog. I was originally asked to comment on Modern Romance - How to Find Love in a Digital Age. Well, little darlings, my husband and I have been married for 41 years. I only recently gave up my flip phone because it died. I live in a rural area of Wyoming known as Clark, population 500 maybe, where we don’t even get cell phone service. We use the cell phone when we are in town (45 miles away) to call home and make sure nothing was left off the grocery list.

So you see, my knowledge of finding love in a digital age could be summed up in four words. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

What I do know a lot about is living in a rural area. So I thought I’d share a little of what my normal mornings are like here on what we like to call The Lazy Ass Ranch.

My day begins at 4:30 AM. My subtle turn over in bed is enough of a signal to Miss Kitty that I’m awake. She responds by jumping on the bed and dancing around my head. She follows me into the bathroom making sure that with every step she is in the way. I change into my sweat pants and sweat shirt and start my day.

By this time the dog is up and giving me what is known as the PP Shake. I grab a coat and take her out. She’s a real baby and won’t go unless I’m standing on the porch watching her and giving her encouragement. Back inside she gets a dog biscuit for her effort. The cat seems to think she should be rewarded as well and ends up with a few cat treats.

If it’s winter, I check the wood stove. Most likely there are only hot coals left. We heat our house with wood so it’s important to keep the fire going in the cold months. I stoke it up with some kindling and then throw a few logs on to get a blazing fire going again. In the summer, I’m relieved of this duty.

Next it’s time to get the Mr. Coffee ready for when my husband gets up. I hate the stuff myself. I’m an herb tea drinker. Now I can go downstairs to my own meditation room and spend some time in quite reflection. Back up stairs, I catch up on national news and catch the local weather. Time to get hubby up. Once I know he won’t fall back asleep I suit up for my outside chores.

In winter this means, Carhartt insulated pants and jacket, scarf, knit hat, heavy duty winter boots, and two pair of gloves; one pair of insulated leather gloves for feeding the horses and a pair of mittens to keep my hands from freezing the rest of the time. It’s common in winter to go for weeks hovering around the 0o mark. So it’s never a pleasant task at that time of year.

I put the dog’s jacket on her. It’s so cute. It’s yellow and black and makes Jenna look like a 40 pound bumble bee. I grab my flashlight and the bear spray (even in winter there could be cougars) and we head out.

We brave whatever nature has thrown at us that night; snow, rain, hurricane force winds, or any combination of the three. Sometimes it’s dead still, crisp cold, and the snow sparkles like diamonds as I crunch my way to the barn. When there are no clouds the starts twinkle so bright they look unreal. You can see the Milky Way blazing across the sky. When the moon if full you don’t even need a flashlight to find your way.

The horses are always happy to see me and give me a good greeting. While I’m feeding them the dog is on bunny patrol. Once in a while one will appear and give her a merry chase.

The rest of my day is pretty normal; cleaning house, laundry, cooking, phone calls to my sister, Zumba at the Rec Center. One day a week I volunteer at our elementary school. It’s a K-5 school and this year we have 14 students. I’m also a substitute teacher there. I can sub for the teacher, any of the two Para Educators, and/or the lunchroom cook.

Grocery shopping is an all day affair. The closest town is Cody. There are usually a million other things I have to do when I’m in town so by the time I get home, I’m pooped. Time to feed the cat, dog, horses, and in the afternoon, feed the chickens. Get dinner cooked, and enjoy the evening with my husband.

When do I write you might ask. Well, believe it or not, I have days where except for feeding critters, I can do whatever I want.

I don’t miss City life. It’s a little more inconvenient living in an unincorporated area. There is no Domino’s delivery. You are dependent on yourself for your survival. . . and your happiness and well being. We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is the kind of life my characters, Marie and Wil want to live. They love it, too.

So thanks for letting me give you a little peek into my life, simple though it is. And thanks again Andra. I hope I’ve interested a few new readers. I welcome your comments and questions.
~Try an Excerpt!~
From the description she was given by the hotel desk clerk, she figured she wouldn’t have much trouble finding the guy—grungy black cowboy hat, well-worn cowboy boots, scruffy beard, jean jacket, and Levi’s, sitting at the corner table. She was right. He wasn’t hard to spot. It was Monday night, and there were only a handful of people in the place. There he was, sitting at his regular corner table, with his back to the wall, his chair up on two legs, and his feet propped up and crossed on the chair next to him. There was a glass of beer and a half-empty pitcher in front of him. She wondered how many pitchers he had drained before this one. The desk clerk said he had a lot of funny habits. The clerk said the guy always sat with his back to the wall, so no one could get the jump on him. He probably watched too many John Wayne movies.
~Meet EM Bannock!~ 
E.M. Bannock was born in 1950 and grew up in the Detroit suburbs. Her love for writing began during high school where she excelled in writing short stories and poetry. Born with the wanderlust, she found herself in Los Angeles, an exciting place to be in the early 70’s, and E.M. experienced all that it had to offer. It was here she met her husband. She has lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her husband, son, daughter-in-law, grandson and a menagerie of cats, dogs, chickens, and horses.

 EM Bannock will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Unbelief Blog Tour! (+Giveaway!)

Title: Rehabilitation
Author:  C.B. Stone
Series: Unbelief #1
Pages: 171
Date Published: 2018
Publisher: InkedPlot Media
Format: Kindle
Genre: YA Dystopian
Source: Silver Dagger Blog Tour
Darkness has a name...

From the ashes of destruction, the Elite rose up as the ruling power of the New World, enforcing new laws.

Those laws are broken at great peril.

When she witnesses her best friend taken by force in the night, she knows he is destined for a fate worse than death.

She’s heard the rumors, the whispers of what happens in Rehabilitation.

She’s seen the dead looks in the eyes of those who return.

If they return.

But she can’t ignore what she's witnessed... No matter the danger.

How can she abandon her best friend to such a fate? She must try to save him... No matter the cost.

This is a dystopian series set in a post-apocalyptic world with hints of romance. Books should be read in order. May be cliff hangers.

Unbelief Book 2
161 pages

What happens when your eyes are opened to truth?

I dream that night of walking through the ruins. Strangely, I’m barefoot. Yet the snow beneath my feet doesn’t feel cold, I don’t even feel cold. Somehow though, I’m going the right way, I know I am. I’m not sure how I know… it’s just a knowing I feel deep down in my bones.

Sinna has stumbled into a world unlike any she’s ever known. Her eyes have been opened and there’s no going back. She’s never considered herself a Believer, she always left that to Jacob, but things are happening fast. 

Is there something to this faith stuff after all? 

And if there is, is it strong enough to see her through what’s coming next?

This is a dystopian series set in a post-apocalyptic world with hints of romance. Books should be read in order. May be cliff hangers.

Unbelief Book 3
165 pages

She can't walk away now...

This plan—this crazy, stupid, impossible plan—could work. At the very least, it will serve to get the boys back into the folds of the Elite, so they don’t come to any harm for helping me. 

And it’ll get me back inside so I can try to save my father—but then what? How will I get him out? We have no guarantees this will even work…

Sinna is headed back to Rehabilitation. 

Like it or not, she doesn't see any other alternatives. She can't just pretend everything is okay, and hide out in the Garden. 

But how will they get back there? 

And what will happen when they do? Will they be able make it back out alive a second time? 

Sinna isn't at all sure about any of it, but her conscience won't let her back out now.

God Wars: The Beginnings
Unbelief Book 4
188 pages

In the Beginning...

Believing wasn’t always a crime. 

Faith in God wasn’t always illegal. 

In the glory days of the Old World, there were many who lived out their faith in full view of all, and taught their children, and their children’s children about God, their beloved Creator. 

In those days, prayer was still allowed in schools, church was still held on Sundays with picnics and family get togethers afterward, and the spare change that jangled in everyone’s pockets still carried the words ‘In God We Trust’. 

Then the God Wars happened. Life was never the same again.

This is a prequel. It's highly recommended to read the Unbelief Trilogy first.

C.B. Stone is sometimes called author, writer, or purveyor of stories. One might even dub her a yarn spinner if you will. It's very possible she might be considered just a little left of normal by most, but she's cool with that. Really, she's too busy avoiding normal to care. On any given day, you might find Stone pounding away at a keyboard in sunny Florida, contemplating waves, contemplating life and dreaming up more exciting stories to share with readers. 

Except Sunday's of course. Sunday's are God's day, so you'll often find her making her best "joyful noise" with her local church praise team. When not pounding poor fingers to bloody nuggets and reinventing the definition of eye strain, C.B. Stone enjoys living it up, doing the family thing, the kid thing, and the friend thing. And in her downtime, reading the minds of fans.

Also being invisible. Being invisible is fun.

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Just Friends & To Be Yours Blog Tour! +(Giveaway!)

Just Friends
by Elana Johnson
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
302 pages

Mitch can't keep running from his girl problems.

High school senior, Mitch Houser, is thrilled to have multiple colleges recruiting him because of his record-breaking times on the track, but Mitch hasn’t told anyone the real reason he’s been setting records.

He’s trying to outrun his girl problems.

He really hits it hard when Holly Isaacson, the girl next door and his best friend for a decade, becomes buddy-buddy with Jade Montgomery, who is Mitch’s latest crush. He wants to move Jade from a girl he invites to eat dinner with his family to a girl he takes out to dinner—and maybe kisses afterward. 

So Mitch runs, and he runs fast. Things progress with Jade at the same rate they fall apart with Holly. Most days, Mitch can’t change into his running clothes fast enough. But running from his problems isn’t a good solution, and Mitch will have to face both Jade and Holly—and decide which one of them to put into the “just friends” category.

**.99 cents March 7th-14th!!**

To Be Yours
by Elana Johnson
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
242 pages
A girl who's lost herself and the boy who's always known how to find her.

When seventeen-year-old Eden Scotson skis to the bottom of a mountain on a routine trip with her older brother's best friend, Grayson Young, they find the lift non-operational and the biggest storm of the season upon them.

Unable to stay in the tiny hut, they decide to make the climb back to the luxury condos at the top. Along the way, they have to battle the danger of an avalanche, the elements of wind and snow, and their feelings for each other. As Grayson deals privately with his mother's alcoholism and an absent father, Eden's grief over her father's death nine years earlier is a little more public.

Compared to dealing with the complexities of friendship and more-than-friendship, overcoming grief, and learning how to forgive old wounds, physically climbing the mountain will be the easiest part of the journey for both Eden and Grayson.

**.99 cents March 7th-14th!!**

A speculative fiction author and USA Today bestseller under the name Elana Johnson and an inspirational adult romance author under the pen name of Liz Isaacson, her work includes the young adult dystopian romance series Possession, published by Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster), Elevated, the Elemental series, the Songs of Life fantasy series, the Redwood Bay romance series, and the #1 bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series.

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Dark Matters Blog Tour! (+Giveaway!)

Title: Dark Matters
Author: John Kaniecki
Series: N/A
Date Published: 2018
Publisher: Zombie Cupcake Press
Format: Kindle
Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Source: Silver Dagger Book Tours
A collection if three stories by John Kaniecki.

Religion and truth battle for control. In a future society on planet Earth a young man named Zacchaeus is raised the post apocalyptic society which is underground. Zacchaeus becomes a zealous believer in the church of Ratata. Zach’s father tries to protect him by transporting the young man to a different continent. Isolated from his religious family. Zach manages to find his way back home. However Zach’s eyes become opened to the truth to find the sacred text of Ratata to be a lie. Thus Zacchaeus is condemned as a heretic as he chooses to abandon the lie of religion.

In a world of evil, every day is a wicked race. In the not so far off future, a group of Nazis have been exiled to a distant planet. In their wicked society, they simmer in their misery, dreaming of returning to planet Earth as conquerors. Johnny is a perfect Aryan in every way excelling in the ways of Nazism. But with superiority comes arrogance. What happens when the best is your worst?

Michael Thorpe is an engineering student at David’s Institute. He dreams of the day when he will be wealthy and thus happy. In fulfilling the requirements of a psychology course Michael visits a psychiatric hospital to visit one Lady Jane Perkins. Once meeting the woman Michael can’t seem to get her out of his mind, literally. So Michael begins a quest traveling to the disheveled side of Technocity to find his true love. But what nefarious powers are manipulating Michael Thorpe and why?
**Only .99 cents!**
John Kaniecki was born in Brooklyn, New York. Though having no memories of life there, John is proud to be called a Native New Yorker. John was raised in Pequanock Township, New Jersey. At age twenty John was baptized and became a member of the Church of Christ. Presently John resides in Montclair, NJ and lives with his wife of over twelve years Sylvia. The happy couple attend the Church of Christ at Chancellor Avenue in Newark, NJ. John is very active in outreach and teaching as part of the leadership of the congregation.

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Empty Promises Blog Tour (+ Name a Character in James' Next Book!)

Title: Empty Promises
Author: James M. Jackson
Series: Seamus McCree #5
Pages: 252
Date Published: 2018
Publisher:  Wolf's Echo Press
Format: Kindle
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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If you love the suspense and plot twists of domestic thrillers, this page-turner will be for you. Seamus McCree’s first solo bodyguard assignment goes from bad to worse. His client disappears. His granddog finds a buried human bone. Police find a fresh human body.

His client is to testify in a Chicago money laundering trial. He’s paranoid that with a price on his head, if the police know where he’s staying, the information will leak. Seamus promised his business partner and lover, Abigail Hancock, that he’d keep the witness safe at the McCree family camp located deep in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s woods.

Abigail is furious at his incompetence and their relationship flounders. Even his often-helpful son, Paddy, must put family safety ahead of helping his father. Seamus risks his own safety and freedom to turn amateur sleuth in hopes he can solve the crimes, fulfill his promise of protection, and win back Abigail. Wit and grit are on his side, but the clock is ticking . . . and the hit man is on his way.

~Guest Post: A Sense of Place~
By: James M. Jackson
If you are going to be a successful liar, you need a great memory. Lies accumulate over the years, and it takes more and more effort to keep them straight. By the time I started writing the Seamus McCree novels, (Empty Promises is #5), my steel-trap mind was already suspect. I reasoned that if I wrote using settings I knew, it was one less thing I had to worry about remembering. Oh sure, I could have developed a detailed series bible with all the invented places and so forth, but that’s a lot of work—and for me, organization is more a wish than a reality. Since it’s easy to forget where the closets are, I housed characters in residences I used to inhabit.

For Ant Farm and Bad Policy, I gave Seamus my house in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati (but moved it to another street). Uncle Mike, a continuing character, resides in the apartment complex in Waltham, MA where I lived in 1978.

Cabin Fever is set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Seamus happens to have a camp located on the same lake where I have my home. For Empty Promises, I wanted to return to the U.P. and the story was willing. Our place—er Seamus’s place—is fifteen miles from the nearest place you can buy anything. Fourteen of those miles are gravel or dirt roads. Cabin Fever was set in the dead of winter and in that story weather and the gradual movement toward spring were their own character. Empty Promises occurs during summer, and although our place is not as isolated as in winter, it is still remote, which is an important ingredient in the story. And best of all, I don’t have to think about where the doors are or which side of the house has the screened porch.

I’ll be interested to hear in the comments how as readers y’all feel about using real locations for novels. Do you enjoy reading about real places, or would you prefer authors construct their own locations?

~Try an Excerpt!~
Dread joined us in the car. Even normally bubbly Megan grew silent.

Loggers had cut a narrow lane through the sixty-foot spruce I had watched come down at the beginning of the Grade, leaving most of the tree in place and towing the cut section to the side. They’d wasted no time on smaller branches littering the road and were opening up a one-lane path. I tiptoed the Outback over the debris and moved through the gap.

At first the downed trees were scattered, although limbs and branches dotted the entire road. But the further north we drove, the worse the damage became until the downed trees were a nearly continuous hazard. Paddy frequently left the car to remove branches with sharp breaks that might puncture a tire. I was regretting we hadn’t taken my old beater truck into town with its multi-ply tires. The Outback carried a donut spare, which wouldn’t last thirty seconds on the gravel roads. We had yet to see any other cars or people.

By the time we passed the five- and six-mile markers without any letup in the damage, tightened metal bands had taken up permanent residence around my chest. I feared for Elliot. I feared for my property. I worried whether I’d get a flat. Whether there would still be a hotel room if I had to send Paddy and Megan to Tall Pines. Megan, on the other hand, had given up her concerns and was in the back seat, singing along with a CD, a cheerful canary amidst the devastation.

~Meet James!~ 
James M. Jackson authors the Seamus McCree series consisting of five novels and one novella. Jim splits his time between the deep woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Georgia’s Lowcountry. He claims the moves between locations are weather-related, but others suggest they may have more to do with not overstaying his welcome. He is the past president of the 700+ member Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime.
 James will be awarding the chance to name a character in his next book to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Off World Blog Tour! +(Giveaway!)

Title: Off World
Author: Kimberly Adkins
Series: N/.A
Pages: 73
Date Published: 2018
Format: Kindle
Genre: Sci-Fi
Source: Silver Dagger Book Tours
Does space make you paranoid?

Was The Corporation harboring a dark secret on the off world mining colony to protect their bottom line?

Christopher Carter loved to explore. He was a specialist in his field back home on earth, and travel to a moon that orbited a gas giant 120 times the size of his home planet was the opportunity of a lifetime.
This would be his first deep space assignment, and he'd wanted this contract more than anything else in the world; except for his family, of course. And he didn't have to choose one or the other. It was amazing how things worked out --Until they didn't.
Everyone was hiding something at the facility, and it didn't take long to figure out they were hiding it from him. Unfortunately for Christopher, the truth would prove to be far more horrifying than anything he could ever have imagined.

**Only .99 cents!**
~Meet Kimberly!~
Kimberly Adkins is an author and artist who spends her spare time working on worm hole theories so she can go back in time and enter Star Gate’s ‘Get in the Gate’ sweepstakes as many times as it takes to win.

Q: Tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know? 

A: I have a Cylon toaster in my kitchen. So far, it hasn’t convinced any of my other appliances to revolt against me and assume control over the destiny of mankind. I guess I’m lucky there. It does burn ‘Frak Off’ onto my toast every morning, though.
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Never Trust a Vampire Blog Tour! (+Giveaway!)

Title: Never Trust a Vampire
Author: Vivian Lane
Series: Strange Allies #1
Pages: 166
Date Published: 2018
Format: Kindle
Source: Silver Dagger Book Tours
The people we save look at us like we’re superheroes, or guardian angels, but we bleed.

We break.

And sometimes, we even die. Becoming a paladin means sacrifice of self.
Saving innocents is always top priority, so when the vampire Adam asks for Agent Seven's services to rescue children from L.A.’s reigning vampire, The Agency won't let her refuse. Company motto is the only good vampire is a dead one, so what makes this guy different from all the rest? This feels like a trap.

Will Adam prove her wrong, or be her downfall? 
Writer of supernatural badasses.

A proud geek *cough*nerd*cough* who likes fashion, interior design, and sports, Vivian Lane is the author of the Children of Ossiria and Strange Allies series. She lives in California with her cat Scrapper.
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